About Jigsaw - the National Centre for Youth Mental Health

Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Ireland with the mission to bring about significant change in how Ireland thinks about, responds to and supports young people's mental health. We do this by delivering a range of services to improve the lives of young people in need of mental health supports and those around them; undertaking ground-breaking, collaborative, high-impact youth mental health research; providing the most up-to-date information about youth mental health and by influencing change and raising awareness of youth mental health on a national level.

Our Jigsaw Service is currently in 13 communities across Ireland providing early intervention supports to young people aged 12-25. Along with the direct supports within the community setting we provide capacity building and education and training to a wide range of groups, including young people. We represent an innovative approach to promoting and supporting youth mental health, in line with best practices of clinical, financial and operational governance. Youth participation is a guiding principle of Jigsaw’s work and is a central feature of the design and planning of all Jigsaw projects. Jigsaw is closely guided by a nationwide network of 130+ Youth Advisors, aged between 16-25, who help guide our strategy, recruit our people, inform our research, ensure we are relevant to those we aim to support and are central to our work in reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health.

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